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The Outdoor Inflatable Garage


Ready to use within minutes of unpacking, simply pump and park! No assembly required.

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A fully inflatable garage!

A great alternative to a permanent garage, no planning permission required, portable and cost effective.

Isolate your vehicle and belongings from insects, dust, accidental knocks, pets, whilst more importantly, isolating it from the elements, leaving the contents just as you left them.

The Car Bubble outdoor inflatable garage presents the easiest method of obtaining a garage to store your vehicle. Setup in minutes, keep up for all year or just the winter months. The flexibility of an inflatable garage means that you can change the location of where it is used, take with you when moving house or storage area, let friends borrow it or even hire it out.

Amazingly easy to use and a spectacle in itself. Simply unpack, connect pump and let your garage appear within minutes, ready for your vehicle to be parked inside. Once your vehicle is inside, seal the door using the nylon zipper and power up the internal air circulation fan.

The pitched roof helps prevent build up of water and snow, 8 pillars, which extend into the roof, meeting a central pillar provide strength to the structure, ensuring it’s ability to withstand heavy wind, rain and snow.

These are made to order, so we can make to your requirements, retain clear PVC windows or blank these out so no one can see through. Choose from grey or black PVC for the frame, roof and side panels.

The garage is supplied with a basic inflatable pump which is used for the framework. Periodic top ups to pressure will be required.
An optional intelligent pressure sensing pump is available to purchase. This pump ensures the pressure of your frame never drops too low, when the pressure drops, the pump automatically activates to re-pressurise the frame. (Optional pressure sensing pump for automated maintenance of frame pressure, £265)

Standard features:
Front and side zipper door panels provide easy walk and drive-in entry.
Supported by 0.60mm Heavy Duty PVC air chambers.
0.20mm clear PVC window panels.
0.60mm PVC floor is mildew, abrasion and flame resistant. Impervious to oil, gas, and antifreeze.
Rust free, 100% nylon coil zippers for access from either side.
10w 12v Sunon fan provides airflow to reduce and prevent moisture build up.

As with all CarBubbleUK products, you have a lifetime hardware warranty included.

Please contact us with your requirements and questions, as these are made to order, we can design your perfect inflatable garage.


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