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The Outdoor Inflatable Garage


Ready to use within minutes of unpacking, simply pump and park! No assembly or planning permission required!

Measurements (M) are external space, excluding pitched roof (70CM)

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Introducing the Car Bubble Outdoor Inflatable Garage – Your Portable Vehicle Shelter

Are you looking for an alternative to a permanent garage that’s hassle-free and cost-effective? Look no further! Our inflatable garage offers a versatile solution, with no need for planning permission. Here’s why it’s an excellent choice:

  • Protect your vehicle and belongings from insects, dust, accidental knocks, and pets.
  • Shield your vehicle from the elements.
  • Set up anywhere suitable in minutes

Setting up your inflatable garage is a breeze, taking just minutes. You can keep it up year-round or use it for the winter months. The portability of our inflatable garage means you can change its location, take it with you when you move, lend it to friends, or even rent it out.

Setting up is remarkably easy. Unpack, connect the pump, and watch your garage inflate within minutes. Once your vehicle is inside, seal the door using the nylon zipper, and power up the internal air circulation fan. The fan is powered by a variable voltage AC adapter, allowing you to control the fan speed and reduce energy usage, saving you money.

The pitched roof design prevents water and snow build up. Super strong pillars, extending into the roof and meeting at a central pillar, provide strength and ensure the garage can withstand wind, rain, and snow.

These inflatable garages are made to order, so you can customise them to your preferences, including clear or blanked-out PVC windows, and a choice of grey, black and green PVC for the frame, roof, and side panels. Contact us to request other colour options.

A popular option is to have a drive-through garage, with opening rear door, in addition to the front door. This means that the lower rear floor beam is not added, creating a garage which can be positioned in front of a standard garage, allowing you to drive through.

Our garage comes with a basic inflatable pump for the framework, with periodic top-ups required, typically every 4-7 days. For automated maintenance of frame pressure, consider our optional intelligent pressure sensing pump. (£275)

Standard Features:

  • Front and side zipper door panels for easy access.
  • Supported by heavy-duty PVC pillars.
  • Clear UV-resistant PVC window panels.
  • Thick reinforced PVC floor is mildew, abrasion, and flame resistant, as well as impervious to oil, gas, and antifreeze.
  • Stainless D anchor points
  • Rust-free 100% nylon waterproof coil zippers.
  • 10w 12v Sunon fans provide airflow to help reduce moisture build up.
  • Variable voltage AC adapter.

Important Considerations:

  • Weight: With a robust construction, the average unit weighs 75kg (for a 5.5 x 2 x 2.5-meter unit).
  • Winter Maintenance: During wet months, remember to check your vehicle within the bubble.
  • Wind: Stainless D ring anchor points are fitted at each corner, top and bottom. These MUST be used.
  • Snow and Ice: While these bubbles can handle snow, prolonged heavy snow turning into ice might compress the bubble due to the gradual increase in roof weight. Snow should be removed.
  • Measurements: All products are made as close to specified measurements as possible, however these are inflatable products so measurements can vary by a small amount.

Safety Note:

  • Wind and snow loads have not been tested.
  • Weather forecast should be monitored.
  • Ensure the Car Bubble is assembled correctly and, in the event of snowfall, remove snow from the roof immediately. In case of wind, you are advised to make use of the anchor points using ropes and ground stakes/anchors (not supplied). In case of strong winds and heavy snowfall, we recommend temporarily deflating.
  • Keep Cover Material away from heat sources and fire.
  • Avoid the Car Bubble making contact with surrounding objects, walls, tree branches etc.
  • We accept no responsibility over misuse of Car Bubble. Care and monitoring are down to users in environmental conditions.

Contact us with your requirements and questions, and let us design your perfect inflatable garage.

Essential consideration:

Care should be taken to ensure that these units are securely fastened to the ground, all outdoor Car Bubbles features stainless D rings to each upper and lower corners. All of these need to be utilised to support the structure during use outside. Wind can move these structures when wind speeds exceed 25mph or less if structure is empty. Secure ground pegs / ground weights suited to location and rope/ratchet straps are required. (Not supplied by us). These units have been exposed to 50MPH winds without issue when correctly fastened. We accept no responsibility for units which are damaged or have caused damage due to use in wind/snow.

Moisture can still occur on inner walls of garage, be sure to ventilate internal to create strong air flow to prevent build up of moisture. Opening a zip will assist airflow in addition to fans. Use of a heater or dehumidifier is not essential but will help, ensure it has an auto shut off feature and hose to run outside of the Car Bubble.


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