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How To Use

  1. Remove your Car Bubble from its box and bag

If it has been in a cold environment, we recommend allowing it to reach room temperature before unfolding it. This makes it more flexible and easier to manoeuvre.

  1. Unroll the Car Bubble in the area you plan to use it, ensuring the floor is swept clean.

If close to a wall, it is recommended to leave at least 30cm between the edge of base mat and wall.

  1. Remove Velcro fan panel/s, fold top cover into a square in the centre of the base mate and place to one side.
  1. Park vehicle square on the base mat, ensuring equal distance around all sides. Minimise steering while on the mat, this can cause wear to the base mat.

5. Place top cover on the roof of the car (Ensure the roof is clean, you may also lay a protective cover/sheet/towel on top to further protect. Unwrap the top layer, avoid dragging.

  1. Take your time and zip the top to the base.
  1. Now it is time to power up! Refit fan/s. Remove the filter by pulling the cover from the fan, this allows for faster initial inflation. Full inflation does depend on the size of the car inside, average time is 5 minutes. Once inflated, refit filter/s.
  1. Enjoy knowing your car is protected. Do not worry about creases, these will disappear.
  2. You now have the option to anchor and hang the Car Bubble, this helps maintain position and shape.


  1. Mats or tyre trainers under the tyres can prevent the tyres from leaving impressions on the base mat and reduce risk of sticking to the base
  2. Do not turn steering wheel when on PVC base mat
  3. Ensure PVC is gently unwrapped at room temperature
  4. If not disconnecting battery, use a CTEK battery conditioner to ensure battery is kept in optimal condition. Wires for battery trickle chargers can be passed between the start/end of zip or fan panel opening.
  5. Timer plugs can be used to reduce power usage. Ensure the fans are operational in times of cold and wet periods, i.e, 6pm-8am.
  6. If you have twin fans, you can disconnect one of the fans to reduce energy consumption. This will reduce the pressure within the bubble so ensure Bubble remains sufficiently inflated and no moisture is seen inside during cold spells.
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