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How To Use


  1. Mats or tyre trainers under the tyres can prevent the tyres from leaving impressions on the base mat and reduce risk of sticking to the base
  2. Do not turn steering wheel when on PVC base mat
  3. A mat under the surface of the Car Bubble can assist in preserving the base mat against wear from rough surfaces.
  4. Ensure PVC is gently unwrapped at room temperature
  5. If not disconnecting battery, use a CTEK battery conditioner to ensure battery is kept in optimal condition. Wires for battery trickle chargers can be passed between the start/end of zip or fan panel opening.
  6. Timer plugs can be used to reduce power usage. Ensure the fans are operational in times of cold and wet periods, i.e, 6pm-8am.
  7. If you have twin fans, you can disconnect one of the fans to reduce energy consumption. This will reduce the pressure within the bubble so ensure Bubble remains sufficiently inflated and no moisture is seen inside during cold spells.
  8. Leave at least 30cm between base mat and wall/object.
  9. Use the anchor and hanging points of the Car Bubble to help maintain position and shape. Can also help keep car protected without power but ideally only used when fans are operating to prevent accidental damage.
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