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Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1. This website is the official platform for Car Bubble, a product provided by Car Bubble UK based in the United Kingdom. We are the worldwide sole-suppliers of Car Bubble air chambers and covers. Partner websites are those of distributors or re-sellers. If you purchase or have purchased a Car Bubble from a distributor or re-seller, your business is conducted with that partner, not with Car Bubble UK. All inquiries should be directed to the partner with whom you are or have been engaged.

2. Refund and Return Policy

2.1. Under your contract with us as a consumer, you have the right to cancel your contract at any time within 14 days of receiving the Car Bubble, in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations.

2.2. You must handle the Car Bubble with reasonable care during this period. The Car Bubble must be returned complete and unused in its original packaging.

2.3. If you wish to return the Car Bubble, a restocking fee of £50 will be applied. This fee covers the cost of a full product inspection and restocking.

2.4. We do not provide refunds for any shipping or collection charges. If we arrange collection, you may be charged for the cost of collection (up to £100 in some cases).

2.5. Refunds will only be issued upon the successful return and inspection of the Car Bubble in its original condition.

2.6. It is essential to inform us of the cancellation within the regulatory 14 days.

3. Product Guarantees

3.1. Car Bubble products are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship.

3.2. All standard Car Bubble products are guaranteed for a period of one year with regard to material and workmanship.

3.3. Electrical components forming part of the original equipment carry a further warranty extending to three years from the original purchase date.

3.4. In the event of a suspected fault, please contact us as soon as possible to determine the best possible solution. Video and pictures will need to be sent.

3.5. In cases where items are returned for factory inspection or testing, we will make every effort to expedite the process.

3.6. We reserve the right to replace or repair any items during the warranty period.

3.7. It is the customer’s responsibility to report any incorrect supply within seven days of receipt/delivery.

3.8. All reasonable efforts should be made to return the Car Bubble in its original packaging.

3.9. Returned Car Bubbles must not be damaged or used in any way whatsoever.

4. Usage and Misuse

4.1. The Car Bubble is designed for the protection of vehicles. Misuse or damage to the Car Bubble, including punctures, environmental events, abrasions, or using it for purposes other than vehicle protection, will void the warranty and may result in additional charges for repairs or replacement.

5. Availability and Orders

5.1. All Car Bubble products are subject to availability. In the event that a product is temporarily unavailable, we will contact you to discuss available options. If you decide not to proceed, your order will be cancelled.

5.2. Our policy is to debit any payment upon order receipt, in full.

5.3. Refunds can only be processed using the same payment format as the original purchase payment.

6. Customised Products

6.1. Car Bubble products made to customer specifications are considered personalised and are therefore excluded from the right of cancellation.

6.2. Custom-made or bespoke items, including those tailored or modified based on specific customer requests, are non-refundable unless they are defective or not made to the agreed specifications provided by the customer.

6.3. Customers are responsible for providing accurate specifications and details for custom-made items. Any errors or changes requested after the production process has begun may result in additional charges and may not be feasible.

6.4. Before production begins on custom-made items, customers will be provided with detailed specifications for review and approval. Once approved, changes may not be possible, and any subsequent alterations may incur additional costs.

6.5. We reserve the right to limit liability for issues arising from custom-made items, particularly if the fault lies in the customer’s specifications or if the item cannot be resold due to its personalized nature.

7. Refunds and Processing Times

7.1. Refunds to Debit or Credit Cards may take several days to clear. We aim to process refunds within 3-4 days but reserve the right to take up to 21 days if necessary.

7.2. Lost Packages and Refunds: In the unfortunate event that a package is lost during shipping, Car Bubble UK will initiate an investigation with the designated courier. Refunds or replacements for lost packages will only be issued once the courier has officially confirmed the package as lost, this can take up to 3 weeks. Customers are required to cooperate fully with any investigation conducted by Car Bubble UK or the courier to ascertain the status of the lost package. Car Bubble UK reserves the right to withhold refunds or replacements until a determination has been made by the courier.

8. Statutory Rights

8.1. Any warranty offered does not affect your Statutory Rights.

9. Maintenance and Use

9.1. All Car Bubble products require regular maintenance and servicing. It is essential to keep the equipment in a serviceable condition.

9.2. Some products are specifically designed for use only in certain environments. For example, products intended for indoor or in-garage use must not be used outdoors, as this will invalidate any warranty offered.

10. Repair Service and Continued Use

10.1. Car Bubble/recommended agent offers a repair service in the event of accidental or other damage. However, we reserve the right to decline any repair or refurbishment.

10.2. Any damaged or poorly maintained Car Bubbles will offer restricted or limited, or even zero, protection. Continued use of such items is expressly forbidden.

11. Responsibility for Contents

11.1. You, as the owner of the Car Bubble, are responsible for the contents placed within it. It is essential to regularly monitor the condition and security of any items stored inside the Car Bubble.

11.2. We recommend that you take necessary precautions to safeguard valuable or sensitive items from damage, theft, or environmental factors.

11.3. Car Bubble is not liable for any damage, loss, or theft of items stored within the Car Bubble. It is your responsibility to ensure that the contents are adequately protected and insured, if necessary.

11.4. We advise you to follow local laws and regulations regarding the storage of items within a Car Bubble and to take appropriate measures to protect your possessions.

11.5. The customer acknowledges and agrees that it is their responsibility to regularly inspect and maintain the contents of the Car Bubble to ensure their proper condition and security.

11.6 The customer shall take all necessary precautions to safeguard their possessions stored within the Car Bubble and to prevent any damage or loss due to environmental factors, including but not limited to wind, snow, or any other adverse weather conditions.

11.7 The customer is responsible for ensuring that the outdoor unit, including any anchors, straps, or securing mechanisms, is properly and securely fastened to withstand environmental factors, including wind and snow. Failure to do so may result in damage to the Car Bubble and its contents.

11.8 It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with any local laws and regulations regarding the use, maintenance, and security of the Car Bubble, as well as the storage of items within it.

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