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Bespoke Air Chambers

The ultimate way to protect your pride & joy

Now offering a lifetime warranty, for maximum peace of mind!


With 30,000 litres of air being exchanged every hour, condensation will no longer be a worry, preserving wiring, rubber and metal surfaces from the silent car killer


An isolated atmosphere within the PVC Bubble ensures nothing can get to the vehicle inside, protecting it from dust, bugs and accidental garage mishaps


A barrier of constantly moving air around the vehicle not only benefits the exterior but also the interior, preventing mould and mildew from developing

The Car Bubble

If you love your car, you will love a Car Bubble. The Car Bubble ensures your pride and joy is kept in the condition it is put away in. No longer will you come back to your vehicle to find bugs have moved in, mould has developed or rust has set into the brakes and various other surfaces. You will not even have to dust the car, simply remove the bubble and go for that Sunday morning drive.

What is it?

The Car Bubble is an inflatable air chamber designed to protect your vehicle. It is made from 3 different, carefully selected, and tested materials. A heavy-duty PVC coated tarpaulin is used as a base mat and is the thickest on the market, this isolates any damp from the ground it may be placed on. The mid-section is a clear U.V resistant PVC, allowing a view of your prized possession whilst being protected. Finally, the top section is a lightweight polyester to avoid scratching during fitting. All materials work together to isolate and prevent harm to your pride and joy whilst ensuring one element is put to work, air! A barrier of constantly moving air is the key to all year-round protection, air constantly flowing around your car will prevent moisture from being an issue, even if the air outside of the Car Bubble is damp! Air flow is provided by single or twin high static-pressure fans, which on the average home energy plan, costs approximately 8p a day to run. A small cost for the peace of mind provided!

“Since owning a Car Bubble, I can rest at night, knowing my car is protected from condensation. I was forced to get one after years of having to continually re-polish my split rims when the car was left in the garage, now I can just get out and drive.”

Rob C – Golf Mk5 Edition 30

“Great Product! Keeps the soft top dirt and mould free while I leave the car in my garage when I work abroad! Would recommend to anyone who stores their car in a garage! 100% Recommended.”

Nishanth N – BMW 218i Convertible

“After spending thousands having my 964 restored with show winning paintwork, the best way of maintaining the finish was a Car Bubble, every inch of the car is now protected!


Made for you!

Whilst we offer standard sizing which will suit the majority of vehicles, if you have a custom requirement for a special size, colour, branding, additional fans or hook points, we can make it! Anything from a ride on toy, up to a double decker bus, we can make a Car Bubble to suit!

Humidity Vs Condensation

Many people think that humidity is the cause of problems associated with storing a vehicle, this is not the case. Humidity is the concentration of water vapour present in the air and of course, if the water vapour is in the air, it is not on your car. The danger for all vehicles is condensation. Condensation is caused by rapid changes in climate, or when something hot meets something cold, like breathing onto a pane of glass. It is the change of that water vapour in the air, into a liquid and this is what the Car Bubble will prevent from being a worry. The constant exchange and flow of air stops this reaction from occurring, ensuring your vehicle remains dry!

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