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Base & Inflatable Wash Waste Containment Mat


Contain waste and protect surfaces!


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Protect your car bubble, garage floor, or driveway with our versatile mats.

They serve as:

  • A protective barrier for your bubble.
  • Additional insulation for your garage floor.
  • A clean parking surface.
  • A safeguard against damage and dirt.

Made of heavy duty PVC, the mat is perfect for garage floors, to protect from wet cars or as base mats for Car Bubbles, in or outside. The filled rolled edges keep dirt and water contained and a supplied specialised broom helps clean the mat when the vehicle is removed.

Need a solution for containing water and dirt during car washing, use our inflatable or foam filled wash mat!

Use our smallest to wash motorbikes through to our largest for long construction and haulage vehicles, we can make any size, so just let us know your requirements!

Explore water containment wash mats, available with standard inflatable or optional foam-tube-filled barriers, allowing vehicles to drive on and off while retaining waste.

Crafted from heavy-duty PVC, our mats ensure a clean workspace and offer added protection for your car storage bubble.

Each inflatable wash mat comes with a 240V air pump, inflating the barrier within one minute. Ideal for mobile detailers who prioritise property care.

Featuring drain plugs, high-quality rubber handles and stainless anchor points for easy manoeuvring and positioning.

Inflatable barriers will require deflating before a vehicle can drive on/off the mat.

For custom sizing, please get in touch with us.


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