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Q. Can I use a trickle charger?

A. Yes you can, you can pass the wire between the start and end of the zip or through the removable fan surround. We recommend intelligent trickle chargers made by CTEK. We do not supply or include a battery charger as the CTEK is simply the best available.

Q. If I put my car away wet, what will happen?

A. The Car Bubble is an evaporative system. The constant air change will evaporate all moisture in a matter of hours. This will prevent rust from the exterior parts while eliminating mould and mildew from the interior.

Q. Does the fan turn off once inflated?

A. No, the Car Bubble works on the principle of a constant flow of air, if the fan stops, the air flow stops and the Car Bubble will deflate.

Q. Can I power the Car Bubble from my car battery?

A. Power is provided by a mains 240v AC adapter which powers the 12v fan/s. Power supplies which plug into the lighter socket of your car can be purchased but will eventually drain your car battery and not an advisable option.

Q. How loud is a Car Bubble?

A. We use top quality Sunon fans, with a high static pressure and air flow rating, these are 54db when at full 12v speed. Volume decreases when using out vari-power adjustable voltage adapters.

Q. What happens if I get a hole in it?

A. The upper PVC section is made of .3 mm PVC. If you do happen to puncture the unit, use a piece of clear PVC repair tape. Many options are available.

Q. What if the power goes out?

A. The cover will deflate and turn into a regular car cover. When the power returns it will re-inflate in a matter of minutes. Make sure the fan is not laying flat otherwise it will not inflate.

Q. If you are bringing in the air from the outside you are also bringing in the humidity from the outside. How does the vehicle stay dry?

A. The Car Bubble does not eliminate humidity it eliminates condensation. The fan exchanges the air by volume 3-4 times an hour. This constant air change and air flow does not allow hot air and cold masses to meet. This in turn eliminates condensation and keeps the vehicle completely dry no matter what the temperature or humidity level.

Q. Can the Car Bubble be used for short-term storage?

A. The Car Bubble can be used for short-term, long-term or anything in between. It takes about the same time to use as a regular car cover except for the inflating of the unit. It takes a few minutes to get the car out.

Q. Do you have to drain the fuel tank or any other fluids before you put the vehicle away?

A. No, the base mat is resistant to gas, diesel, oil or antifreeze. You do not have to worry about these odours because the air is constantly changing.

Q. Do you have to use any dry packs or chemicals to keep the vehicle dry?

A. No, dry packs or chemicals are not needed. This is an evaporative system that uses air flow to prevent condensation. This enables you to take your vehicle in and out anytime you want without having to mess with chemicals or dry packs.

Q. Will the Car Bubble protect my vehicle from insects and wildlife?

A. Yes, there are no gaps for bugs and the noise of the fan and spring like action of pressing the bubble should deter and unwanted intruders.

Q. How long will the Car Bubble last?

A. They should last a lifetime is looked after. The fans have a rated lifetime of 5 years if left to run 24/7 in that time and are easily swapped if need be.

Q. Can the top portion be fully removed?

A. The Car Bubble is a 2 piece bubble where all 4 sides unzip, allowing you to separate the top portion from the base. Some similar bubbles made by others only unzip 3 sides, not allowing you to store the top portion anywhere else, ours fully detach so they do not need to be left on the floor.

Q. Can I steer while on the base?

A. You should try to avoid steering while on the base, the weight and pressure may cause premature wear to the base if on rough surface.

Q. Can the Car Bubble be used in damp environments?

A. Absolutely, this is the primary location for a Car Bubble to be used.

Q. Can you make any size?

A. Yes, we can make any size, design, colour, the majority of Car Bubbles are made to order to custom requests.

Q. Should I leave my windows down?

A. You do not have to, however, allowing some air flow to flow through the interior will prevent any mould and mildew from developing and dry any moisture from carpets and filters.

Q. Can I hang the top cover?

A. Yes, this will take some strain off of the fans and help with fitting and even be left in place when moving the car.

Q. How often do I have to inflate the inflatable frame bubble?

A. This can vary depending on the air temperature and exposure to sun, typically every 3-5 days, a top up would be required. We highly recommend the intelligent pressure monitoring pump which will automatically maintain frame pressure.

Q. Can the Outdoor Car Bubbles withstand high winds?

A. Yes, however, we do highly recommend that any Car Bubble which is open to wind should be tied down, this can help keep the Car Bubble still in heavy winds and stop any damage to the Car Bubble or car inside. All outdoor Car Bubble units feature stainless D rings to the top and bottom, it is advised to make use of all of them using rope and suitable ground pegs. Maintain a 45degree angle on the top ropes and pin down the bottom ones ensure all ropes are evenly tensioned.
In winds over 25MPH, we recommend deflating the Car Bubble to avoid risk of damage.

Q. What voltage is the variable adapter best left at?

A. This can vary on the size of the vehicle inside and conditions. We have found that 9v is a good balance during moderate temperatures, however, in moist conditions or if a car which is wet has been stored, we recommend full power to rid of moisture.
Indoor Bubbles can run at a lower voltage when compared to heavy duty outdoor units, it is down to the user to determine preference whilst monitoring any signs of moisture, if condensation is present, increase voltage.

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