Our Story

A family business, we established Car Bubble during lockdown 2020. We set out looking for ways to help preserve the pride and joys we want our son to see when he is older. You know, the cars that get pulled out for a Sunday morning meet, the cars we always wanted to own when we were kids and the cars we want now! Due to the nature of the weather here, many of us face challenges in keeping our cars free from dust, bugs and the dreaded condensation. Many of us think we are doing the right thing by just covering a car with a throw over cover, unfortunately, we know from first hand experience, more than just a cover is required. In our case, having to maintain a competition winning car with lots of polished surfaces, chrome and swirl-free paint, the upkeep in our old pre-fab garage was becoming too much. After rust began to develop, chrome began to flake, mould appeared on fresh alcantara and polished surfaces became dull, a solution was needed, Car Bubble was created.

So we want to help and show others, that investing in a Car Bubble will pay for itself and your car will be saved from the dangers of long term storage. You will be saved from having to reclean your vehicle from cobwebs, dust and finding damaging results from condensation. Rubber parts will last longer, corrosion spots will not appear on metal surfaces, chrome will not flake and tarnish, the Car Bubble really is a game changer in terms of the preservation of your vehicle.