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Intelligent Pressure Sensing Air Pump


Automatically maintain your inflatable frame pressure!

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Introducing the Intelligent Pressure Sensing Air Pump – the ultimate solution for effortlessly maintaining your inflatable frame Car Bubble. Whether you’re using the indoor or outdoor Show Garage, this pump takes the worry out of checking frame pressure and ensures your Car Bubble remains in perfect shape at all times.

With our innovative technology, all you need to do is plug the pump into your mains supply and connect it to your inflatable garage. From there, it works its magic, automatically maintaining your desired pressure level. If the pressure ever drops below the desired threshold, fear not – the pump swiftly springs into action, inflating your Car Bubble back to the optimal pressure within seconds.

The setup is straightforward and efficient. The pump connects to your Car Bubble using two connections: one pressure line continuously monitoring the pressure, and another for the inflation valve to pump air when needed. This seamless integration guarantees a hassle-free experience for you.

All units are fitted with UK 3 pin 13amp plugs.

Weight 15 kg


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