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Framed Car Bubble


A Car Bubble, with a frame!

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Introducing our Free-Standing Car Bubble with 11mm solid fiberglass rod support for easy drive-in and drive-out access.

Features include:

  • Black Fibreglass rods.
  • Cast aluminium joints.
  • Sleeved and Velcro frame retainers.
  • Opening main door with clear PVC window.
  • Clear opening PVC windows on the sides which provide access and room for doors to be opened.
  • Clear PVC window to the rear, above fans.
  • Dual 12v 10w Sunon fans for ventilation.
  • 240v Variable voltage AC adapter for controlling fan speed.
  • Reinforced PVC base.
  • Nylon coated zippers.
  • Anchor and hook points to each corner.

Please note that internal dimensions are slightly smaller due to supporting rods, 15mm each side. Ensure your vehicle’s dimensions, including mirrors, are compatible. We’ll work with you to customize the size to meet your requirements.

We can produce in a range of colours and apply logo’s.


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