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Looking for serviced vehicle storage?

Vehicle Storage facilities are a growing trend in the UK, with locations appearing across the country, meaning there will be one close to you. With choice ranging from private garages to purpose built, climate controlled units, the range of services on offer and are pricing vary vastly.

Many people use a storage facility for convenience, while for others, it could be a necessity! Lack of space at home, extended periods away, lack of time to maintain upkeep, security threats or simply needing to hide a new toy from a partner, there can be many reasons why using a storage facility is a requirement.

At Car Bubble, our primary purpose is to offer a method of maximum vehicle protection whilst it remains parked, but there is other administration which goes as part of this when a vehicle is left for a long length of time. Ensuring the vehicles battery is disconnected or kept on charge, maintaining tyre pressures and so forth, all services which can be handled by a vehicle storage facility in the owners absence. If a warm day or special occasion is coming up, simply check in with the storage facility and they can have your car, ready and waiting to go.

Many facilities have space to allow access for additional service to take place, vehicle detailing, wheel refurbishments. So if storing at home isn’t an option, you can look at the next option of using a storage facility.

Vehicle Storage facilities

Choose from an approved Car Bubble partner, for the care and storage of your vehicle.

Adding a Car Bubble to your Vehicle Storage Service will pay for itself

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